VLT®Soft Starter MCD500

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VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 is a total motor starting solution.
Current transformers measure motor current and provide feedback for controlled motor ramp profiles.
AAC, the Adaptive Acceleration Control automatically employs the best starting and stopping profile for the application.

VLT® Compact Starter
MCD 200

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VLT®Soft Starter MCD200. Due to extensive use of the latest technology, such as new semiconductor control algorithms and bypass design, the new soft starters are very compact and heat dissipation very low.

There is no need for extra ventilation or bypass contactors. This simplifies installation and keeps panel space at a minimum.

Soft Starter Pump Application

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The MCD500 is the perfect choice for a variety of pump applications. Download the flash presentation(15.2MB) for all the relevant detail.

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